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in collaboration with the Center for Constructive Communication (CCC) at MIT
Cambridge, MA 2021

Local Voices Network (LVN) is a software that combines meaningful conversations with AI to capture public sentiment at scale. Facilitated conversations between MIT students, faculty, and staff were recorded and processed by LVN to understand common values. I designed a concept for an installation to showcase this process and highlight the results.

The idea for the installation consists of two tables, each surrounded by three floating motion-activated parabolic speakers, and a large screen against the far wall. The screen displays a visual explanation of how LVN works: threads from multiple conversations converge in a cloud, from which common themes emerge. Each theme can be traced back to the specific exchanges it was derived from. Audio from these conversations is played through the speakers. (See left video, below.) 

The tables display the common themes that emerged from the conversations. When passersby step underneath a speaker, the table displays a transcript—and the parabolic speaker plays audio—of excerpts from the facilitated conversations. (See right video, below.)

LVN Installation: Portfolio
LVN Installation: Image
1_visual storytelling
LVN Installation: Video Player
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